Toth International believes that each client's needs and wants are as varied as the people that work at those companies. Here are some of the services we offer, but we are certainly not limited to these. Contact us and see how we can work to get solutions for any travel need you or your business may have.

Our Services

* We provide reservations for flights, rental cars, hotels, and more.

* Private/charter flights and drivers for those seeking more privacy.

* Meeting and event planning so that you and your team can focus on everything else but those small details.

* Toth International will give you dedicated support so that everything is always on track.

* It can be arranged so that your travel consultant is readily available on-location to help you right away.

* Your personal travel advisor will provide account management that includes creating a travel policy and monitoring your travel spend among other things.

Benefits To Our Clients

* Helping our clients either refine or create a travel policy that fits the needs of the travelers and the company.

* The agent can handle every aspect of the trip so that it makes it more centralized. This helps with tracking and reporting the travel trends and spend.

* The travelers or those within the company that arrange travel are freed up to focus more of their time and energy on the important job duties they need to perform versus researching travel.

* Help negotiating and leveraging with the suppliers so that the company can allocate the savings to other areas within their organization to maximize their bottom line.